Swami Niswambalananda Girls' college()

Swami Niswambalananda Girls' College

Accreditation by NAAC in 2nd Cycle Grade B

Affiliated to University of Calcutta

Department of Commerce

  • Commerce department Syllabus : Download

Sri Dipak Biswas

Qualification : M. Com. (Double), MA (Eco.), M. Phil., B.Ed..BL.I.S., MFM (Finance), Dip in SHG Mgt.
Designation : Associate Professor & H.O.D.

Sri Ujjal Mondal

Qualification : M. Com., M.Phil
Designation : SACT
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Mr. Gopal Bose

Qualification : M. Com.
Designation : SACT
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Ms. Moumita Bhattacharyya

Qualification : M.C.A
Designation : SACT
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