Swami Niswambalananda Girls' college()

Swami Niswambalananda Girls' College

Accreditation by NAAC in 2nd Cycle Grade B

Affiliated to University of Calcutta

Our Mission & Vision

  • To provide qualitative education to the students.
  • To create values like self respect, secularism and national integration among them.
  • To provide opportunities to students to face challenges in life.
  • To generate discipline among them.
  • To bring environmental awareness among them by organizing seminars/ workshops.
  • To provide the students with well equipped library and laboratories.
  • To enhance their abilities to be more successful in their lives.
  • To encourage students to be more innovative and develop their characters.

Welcome to
Swami Niswambalananda Girls' College

Swami Niswambalananda Girls’ college is situated in the southern most part of the district of Hooghly, which is positively dripping with history and heritage. The college is an outcome of some enlightened farsighted local people who tried for the upliftment of female education by inception of this institution in 1978.

It is a degree college which provides opportunities for higher education in Arts and commerce to girl students and tries to empower them to build their personalities.

The institution which is affiliated to the University of Calcutta is situated near the G.T. road and due to the good connectivities with rail and road, students from far and near have easy access to the college. It is a great pleasure to note that the college has been accredited favorably by NAAC in 2007 and now is awaiting to Second Cycle of Accreditation

Principal's Message

Emerged from a humble background, Swami Niswambalananda Girls' college has strived strenuously for more than three decades and tried to improve its contributions to the society by enhancing the quality of education and other activities. Though the journey was not a bed of roses for this college, it tried to climb the pillar of success by producing morally and spiritually sound and committed citizens who can be the torch bearers of the society.

Dr. Chandana Roy Chowdhury