Swami Niswambalananda Girls' college()

Swami Niswambalananda Girls' College

Accreditation by NAAC in 2nd Cycle Grade B

Affiliated to University of Calcutta


Swami Niswambalananda Girls’ college is situated in the southern most part of the district of Hooghly, which is positively dripping with history and heritage. The college is an outcome of some enlightened farsighted local people who tried for the upliftment of female education by inception of this institution in 1978.

It is a degree college which provides opportunities for higher education in Arts and commerce to girl students and tries to empower them to build their personalities.

The institution which is affiliated to the University of Calcutta is situated near the G.T. road and due to the good connectivities with rail and road, students from far and near have easy access to the college. It is a great pleasure to note that the college has been accredited favorably by NAAC in 2007 and now is awaiting to Second Cycle of Accreditation

All undergraduate courses conducted by the college are affiliated to the University of Calcutta. Being affiliated to Calcutta University, the College follows the existing B.A./B.Sc. (1+1+1 system) under New regulation introduced by the University in 2005.


  • The institute prides itself in being a Girls’ College which produces more and more educated female.
  • Empowering women by encouraging them to build up their personality to face challenges in their lives.
  • Making teaching learning methods friendlier and interesting by organising seminars, workshops and study tours.
  • It encourages students to participate in various activities like sports, cultural programs etc which helps in the development of a positive attitude towards life.
  • Needy students are helped financially so that their studies are not hampered by economic constraints.
  • Teachers are encouraged by granted leaves to do various research programs.
  • Weak students are given special attention by Remedial Coaching and special classes.
  • Transparency is at the time of admission that there will be no controversy in this regard.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in various programs of NSS so that they will be aware of their social responsibilities.
  • Various measures are taken to keep the campus clean and make it eco-friendly.


  • Usually the students who join the college are academically poor this gets reflected in the results.
  • Since they can from economically poor background they cannot pursue their studies in self-financing courses.
  • There are only few teachers who have undertaken research projects.
  • There should be better infrastructure and facilities for the students.
  • Shortage of teaching and non teaching staff.


  • Empowerment of students through NSS which make them aware of social responsibilities.
  • Remedial Coaching which gives special facilities to SC/ST/ Minorities and weak students
  • Financial helps to economically weak students.


  • To attract better quality students.
  • To better infrastructure.
  • To recruit more qualified faculties.
  • To generate fund for development of the college.

Future Plans

  • To make the college more eco-friendly by more plantation of trees and rain water harvesting.
  • To upgrade the library and laboratories.
  • To organise international seminars.
  • To create smart class rooms.
  • To organise more community development works.